Sites on the same subject

Prosperity:  An authoritative quarterly publication.  www.prosperityuk.com

This organisation has produced a proposed Act of Parliament which would prevent private banks from forging money:   www.bankofenglandact.co.uk 

Ron Morrison, a veteran monetary reformist who has been publishing relevant articles for a very long time. www.scottishmonetaryreform.org.uk

James Robertson's site:  a very comprehensive site and newsletter from a long standing and highly respected monetary reformist.  www.jamesrobertson.com

The Money Reform Party.  Anne Belsy's site is a very good source of apt quotations.  www.moneyreformparty.com

Ben Dyson:  a very active monetary reformer with a very good site which is easy to understand.   www.bendyson.com  and www.call4reform.org . Now running positivemoney.org.uk

The American Monetary Institute.  Director Stephen Zarlenga.  Very active organisation in the USA:   www.monetary.org

www.monetative.de   German site.  Spot on our target

 www.FullReserveBanking.com  By Mick Reiss.  Does what it says.

www.economania.co.uk  A wide ranging site related to Mensa with inteligent and wide ranging comment as one would expect.